Fans Discriminate WNBA During Draft

The new WNBA logo. (Credit: WNBA)

The new WNBA logo. (Credit: WNBA)

The 2013 Women’s National Basketball Association Draft held one of its most exciting drafts in its 16-year history tonight, featuring talents such as Balyor’s Brittney Griner, Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins and Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne.

But it’s still a man’s world, and during the draft on Monday night, twitter users took the time to make that clear.

Victor Villalobos @VicVill36 tweeted:

“The average WNBA salary is $46,000! And the max is $101,100! Haha!!! 😂😂 That’s so sad compared to the NBA minimum of $398,762! 😂😂 #Comedy

The Next Big Thing @RobertPowell3 tweeted:

“The WNBA draft on 😳. They do a draft? It ain’t that serious, they should just pick like people do at the Rec.”

Bobby Thompson @modbobbyt tweeted:

“With the 3rd pick in the 2013 WNBA draft, the Tulsa Shock select…OK OK I know. I dont care either”

It gets worse than that, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Many other fans of basketball seemed to have genuine interest in the WNBA—as they should– and they aren’t only women either.

Antonio Dowels @antoniodowels tweeted: 

“Ppl be sleeping on the WNBA! This draft should change that…”

The WNBA receives much flack while compared to its male counterpart, the NBA. Top female players can max out at about $101,000 a year, while the minimun for male players is more than quadruple that. Many male basketball fans refuse to watch WNBA games and NCAA women’s basketball games, with the excuse that there’s not enough excitement.

Weeks before the draft there was speculation about whether Griner could be drafted in the men’s 2013 draft after Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban said he would take a chance on her. Some thought of the possibilities, but with Griner selected first in the draft to the Phoenix Mercury, WNBA fans will definitely have something to look forward to. And maybe she will convince NBA fans to pay attention to the WNBA as well.


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