EV Taxis May Be the NEW Taxi of Tomorrow

NYC Zero emission taxis- Photo Courtesy NYC TLC

Where has this been hiding?

The NEWS: 

Six EV Nissan Leaf taxis will be on the streets of New York City  starting today. The vehicle, pictured above, is a pilot program that will provide a chance for the “the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), Nissan and the taxi industry to gather information–both quantitative data and the personal experiences of real New York taxi passengers, drivers and owners–so that we can evaluate what it would take to bring about successful broader adoption of electric taxis,” according to the TLC.

The Background:

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is set to release its Taxi of Tommorrow, the Nissan NV200 model , within a couple months. The NV200 is supposed to take over as the main vehicle for the more than 13,000 NYC yellow cabs in the next decade. The deal for Nissan’s vehicle was announced about two years ago in a 10-year nearly $1 billion dollar deal after a search that began in 2009, according to reports. One of its criticisms, and there are more, is that it isn’t an electric vehicle and not all will even be hybrid. With all the hybrid and electric cars becoming more popular it’s fair to ask just what makes the NV200 vehicle the Taxi of Tommorrow? But it seems within those two years someone in the TLC or higher (El Bloombito?) has seen the benefits of electric cars, namely clean emissions, quieter engine, cheaper…etc.

This morning the TLC tweeted out this video of the silver and yellow zero emission EV Nissan Leaf NYC Taxi. And below is a picture of the car as well.


Of course one of the top worries for drivers would be charging time. According to a piece by the New York Times,  TLC Commissioner David S. Yassky estimated 30 minutes of charging time would allow a driver about 80 miles of driving. “Some drivers said they traveled 100 miles on a typical day.”

However, most likely the TLC will look to make an electric version of the NV200, because its more spacious. But for more information about the EV Leaf taxi click here.


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